The “Rookies”

For some of the you reading this post, this will be the first time your child will be coming home with a library book from South Salem Elementary, and for others reading the post, this could be looked upon as a “refresher” course.

Students visit the library on a four day rotation, which means students can keep the books four days without it being over due. Students can also bring books back as soon as they read them and put them in the library crate. Most teacher have a specific place for returned books. There is also a book crate outside the exit door of the library.

So, all the parents need to do is to make sure the book gets back into the book bag as soon as it is read at home. Most of the time, it will be return without any problem. Periodically, we will send home reminders with students, but most of the time, the book finds it way back to the library without any problems.


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