Bill Nye the Science Guy

Most students are fascinated by Bill Nye the Science Guy, and now that he is on Dancing with the Stars, he is once again a “SUPERSTAR” with students. The library has about 50 of these DVD’s, so we have decided to allow students to enjoy their favorite science experiments during the library.

watching bill nye

The DVD station is about 10 – 12 min. long, and students have the opportunity to learn a few quick facts while in the library. Before each student views a video, they are given a “Bill Nye Activity Sheet” to complete while viewing the show.

Students are allowed to gather in groups of three or four, which in most cases becomes less or more, but as long as they are working and learning, it is not a problem. After watching video and completing the activity, they are then able to share it with other students using the video. So far, this has only been done with the upper grades, but we might get brave and try it with the “little ones”.

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