Self Evaluation is Tough

Yes, it’s difficult to self evaluate, but we are asking our students to assess their behavior while in the library. All grades are doing this assessment to help the students and the teacher reflect on individual assignments and activities.  As of right now, we are doing the self evaluation at the end of class. Students are reminded throughout the class period of the student rubrics, as well as a description of each one, and at the end of class, students decide which behaviors they displayed in the library with a “show of hands”. In the future, we hope to make this a more individualized activity, but for now it works for both the students and the teachers. 

Here are the results of this week.

Student One – 123
Student Two – 75
Student Three – 17
Student Four – 11

Students are reminded to be honest with themselves since they are the ones that control their behaviors, and they are also reminded that the entire rubric / self evaluation activity is POSITIVE.  Hopefully, the numbers will even out because we are hoping that students understand that everyone has their own individual abilities and passion, so it’s okay to just sit back and enjoy a book in the library while others are creating videos or using a Chromebook. 

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