We have a few CHANGES after NINE WEEKS

Well, the first NINE WEEKS is behind us, and students are feeling comfortable and confident in the library, and because of this, certain library routines will not be necessary for the future.

The biggest change is that students will not be using STUDENT RUBRICS to evaluate themselves anymore because their behavior and understanding of the library procedures is at a higher level. Instead of the evaluation at the end of class, students will have an opportunity to visualize their behavior throughout the class period with the “GOOD CHOICE” and “BAD CHOICE” chart in the library. In most cases, I will be the one moving the “pins” up and down, but there are a few occasions where students can move the “pins” themselves.

The other change is that 2nd, 1st, and kindergarten are now using the KINDLE FIRE more throughout the class period. Students have the opportunity to work on math, reading, writing, and social studies activities with the use of the APPS on the devices.

Another change in the library is the fact that we are finally able to focus on the book shelves and organize them a little better since the students are use to the library schedule. We even have a few students helping with this process.

Hopefully, these changes will be beneficial for everyone involved, as well as increase the opportunities for students to grow as individuals.

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