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10 pt / 20 pt / 30 pt and 50 pt CLUB MAGNETS

IMG_0444Before the winter break, the library started a student behavior chart for every child at SOUTH SALEM ELEMENTARY. The chart was created to help students self monitor their own behavior throughout the time they were in the library. Each day students attend the library, grades 3-5 have an opportunity to earn 12 points by exhibiting positive behavior, while grades K-2 have an opportunity to earn 3 points.

Once students in grades 3- 5 reach 20 points, which usually happens every three visits to the library, they will receive a magnet. Students will receive another magnet when they reach 50 points. Once we have a student or students reach 50 points, everyone’s score in the specific class will go back to zero, and we will start again. The same occurs with grades K-2, but with students receiving magnets at 10 and 30.

The goal is for students to be aware of their behaviors and how the directly effect or indirectly effect others in the library. Students can award themselves 1 pt, and I, the teacher, can award them 2 pts. Students can also give themselves negative marks, and I can do the same.

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Silent Reading

DCIM100GOPROStudents started reading silently to themselves for 10 min. (3-5) and 5 min (k-2) about a month ago.  Students were allowed to choose any book in the library, or even two if they needed, and just read for the allotted time period. At first, it was a challenge for many of the students, but now, they are really enjoying the reading alone.  I must admit that some of the places are out of the norm, but as long as we keep their fingers away from the cords, we should be fine.