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You need PRACTICE …. We Will Meet Again!

Yes, some KIDS get LUCKY and beat Mr. Harrell in CONNECT 4, but a lot of you need to keep practicing. How do you think I am able to win game after game …. PRACTICE! If you beat the COMPUTER, send me an email! (start off on the EASY level to gain CONFIDENCE)


connect f

You will be READING sooner than later!

Right now, someone older than you has to read and share this information to you, but soon, YOU will be reading it yourself. In order to become a better reader, you must TRY, TRY, and TRY again. Of course it will be a challenge, but the REWARD is well worth it! So, until you can read all by YOURSELF, you might as well start making some BOOKMARKS. These bookmarks will help you enjoy reading, as well as help make the books last longer.


So, HOW MANY …. WHAT KIND …. WHAT SIZE … WHAT MATERIAL … and HOW FUN can you make a BOOKMARK! You will be READING sooner than later!