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Silent Reading

DCIM100GOPROStudents started reading silently to themselves for 10 min. (3-5) and 5 min (k-2) about a month ago.  Students were allowed to choose any book in the library, or even two if they needed, and just read for the allotted time period. At first, it was a challenge for many of the students, but now, they are really enjoying the reading alone.  I must admit that some of the places are out of the norm, but as long as we keep their fingers away from the cords, we should be fine.


Challenge Yourself

In the past, students used a template to help answer questions about specific books, but now that the school year is almost halfway completed, students are being ask to give describe a book WITHOUT the template.

The goal is for the students to recall as much information from the book, as well as figure out a way to “sell” the books to others. When this occurs, there will be mistakes, but sometimes learning is dictated by mistakes.