Go to the BEACH!

Use GOOGLE MAPS to search for “beaches in Hawaii” … you should get the image below if you type in “beaches in Hawaii” in the search bar on MAPS.


Now, just explore around by clicking each of the beaches. Try using the SATALITE mode, scrolling through the pictures, measuring how far they are from each other (right click), finding resturants, or just finding the most secluded place on the island. There is nothing wrong with SALEM, VA …. but, you may find some of these places are just as nice!!

What is your favorite “Piggie & Gerald” book?

This author is one of the most popular authors in our library. Parents if you don’t have this series for your young readers, please add this to your shopping list.

The only activity this week for the younger kids is to figure out how they can “sweet talk” parents into buying more books by Mo Willems.