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After a quick survey of students ranging from grades three to five, we have created a “TOP TEN” of what the students enjoy about the new library. This survey consisted of five questions that involved student feedback to better improve the library. The other questions were the following : WHAT DO YOU FIND CONFUSING ABOUT THE LIBRARY, WHAT WOULD YOU CHANGE ABOUT THE LIBRARY IN TERMS OF ACTIVITIES AND ROUTINE, and DO WE NEED MORE OR LESS STATIONS? These answers will be reveled soon, but we thought we would focus on the “fun stuff” first.

These responses are not in any order, but they were the most common answers.

Reading Areas
Reading to Stuff Animals
Reading the Kindles
Using the Video Camera
Checking Out / Checking In Books Ourselves
Mr. Harrell

Students Working Together

The main goal of the library is to keep students informed about a variety of books, technology, and other learning resources, but at the same time it is always great when students WORK TOGETHER as a UNIT. In order for students to coordinate and collaborate, there must be a general understanding individuals, as well as the group.