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Retirement of the Stuff Animals

This is a sad day in the library. Today, we have to make another change to fit the needs of our students. This will not be a popular change, but it is one that will allow students to concentrate even more on their individual and group tasks in the library. We must “retire the stuff animals” in order to allow our students to be more responsible individuals.


Yes, it will be difficult not seeing the stuff animals everyday, but as a whole, the students have outgrown their need for the stuff animals. Hopefully, the interaction between the students and the stuff animals during the first 10 weeks of school allowed the students to become more confident readers. So, until we see you again, we say this to our friends, “Thank you for all you have taught us. Enjoy your time away from us, but remember, you will never be forgotten.”

Yes, we are reading ABOVE GRADE LEVEL

Just a reminder that TEACHING is a challenge because kids are at different when it comes to learning. Teachers are using a variety of resources to fit the needs of all children.